I'm Mallory McInnis.

Let's consider this a guide to all of my internet pursuits.

I have email. Obviously. You can send me one at mallorymcinnis@gmail.com.

I work at BuzzFeed. Here are my posts.

tweet. I'm on pinterest & instagram & tumblr.

I run a(n excessive amount of) tumblrs - Illustrated LadiesIllustrated GentsThe Zoo KeeperWear Color and Colorful Homes.

I collect vintage books and I used to sell them online when I lived in Maine, but I couldn't fit them all in a New York apartment. So my mom took over the shop & I help out whenever I go home to visit. Check it out - Elwood & Eloise.

I have a blog called Gems. I don't use it any more. But.... it's still there.

I curated a book of cat illustrations for Chronicle Books. It's called Here Kitty Kitty and you can buy it here.

I used to write for the Etsy blog.

I think that's it for now.