I'm Mallory McInnis.

Let's consider this a guide to all of my internet pursuits.

I have email. Obviously. You can send me one at mallorymcinnis@gmail.com.

I have a blog called Gems.

I'm a staff writer at BuzzFeed. Here are my posts.

I used to write for the Etsy blog.

I curated a book of cat illustrations for Chronicle Books. It's called Here Kitty Kitty and you can pre-order it here.

tweet. I'm on pinterest & instagram.

My personal-ish (not-so-frequently-updated) blog.

I collect vintage books and document them at (the oh so creatively named) my vintage book collection (in blog form). I also have a vintage book shop - Elwood & Eloise.

I run a few tumblrs (I'm well aware that this is excessive - it's totally fine) - Illustrated LadiesIllustrated Gents, The Zoo KeeperWear Color and Colorful Homes.

I think that's it for now.